Gun laws won’t end violence


Your Jan. 10 edition had two stories related to firearms.

“Biden vows to curb gun violence” was about Vice President Joe Biden wanting to get tough on gun violence, which will lead to more gun laws.

The second story, “Police union won’t back Enright,” was about newly appointed Toledo City Council member Shaun Enright, who in 1999 was convicted of having a concealed weapon in his car.

He was sentenced to six months in jail, but that sentence was suspended.

What good does it do to create laws on firearms, when courts don’t enforce the laws on the books? How will new laws make us safer? They won’t.

The tragedy in Newtown is more about the lack of mental-health care than about firearms.


Airport Highway


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Holder has shaky record on guns

Having U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder seated next to and helping Vice President Biden discuss gun control, as shown in your front-page photo on Jan. 10, portends a successful outcome as probable as hearing Donald Trump speak with humility.

Are we ready for Operation Fast and Furious II?


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Older generation has discipline

The writer of the Jan. 4 Readers’ Forum letter “Popular culture stokes violence” demands the end of violent movies because she says they are a terrible form of entertainment.

My generation’s formative years were in the 1960s. We played war and cowboys and Indians, replicating the movies and TV shows that we watched.

It’s not what exists today, but what doesn’t exist. Growing up, we had unquestioned discipline from parents and teachers. That instilled in us a sense of right and wrong. This carried on as respect for others as we became adults.

Then, doors were unlocked, keys were left in cars, and there were no alarm systems.


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Listing owners of guns neighborly

All gun owners should be listed in newspapers and online (“Invasion of the data snatchers: What is private?” op-ed column, Jan. 16).

These days, it’s tough to get to know a neighbor, so it would be nice to know about their toys. Maybe then, we’d at least have a chance to duck.