UT article spurs other questions


Your Jan. 27 article “UT agency’s chief draws faculty fire; $1,200-a-day salary questioned as cuts loom,” about the University of Toledo’s spending on high-tech research, development, and commercialization, is a starting point for public discussion of issues at UT and similar universities.

These include the legitimacy of commercialization as a function of a financially struggling educational institution, the motivation for such efforts — public service or greed — and procedures for deciding which projects to invest in and evaluating those decisions.

What are the legal and ethical aspects of using a good-old-boy network to hire a friend of the boss and pay him lavishly? UT President Lloyd Jacobs’ decision to hire Rick Stansley, Jr., should have raised serious legal and ethical questions.

Dr. Jacobs says Mr. Stansley has relevant experience, but that doesn’t tell us whether there was a legitimate search for the best candidate. I hope Dr. Jacobs was in compliance with equal opportunity laws.


Drummond Road


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News of school may keep it open

The announcement that the Mary Immaculate special-needs school will close in June was a surprise and a disappointment to students and their families ("Mary Immaculate to close; board cites financial constraints," Feb. 12). The school’s administration cites finances and low enrollment.

I am a Catholic, yet I had never heard of this school, which has been functioning for 50 years. Classes are small and teachers are trained to deal with behavioral problems.

We need a school of this caliber. Increased enrollment would surely increase its finances, and maybe the school will stay open.

I’m sure there are many families with troubled children that would benefit from placing them at Mary Immaculate — if they knew it existed.


303rd Street


So Super Bowl tops inaugural

People are missing the points about Beyoncé lip syncing at President Obama’s inauguration (“Lip syncing is understandable,” Readers’ Forum, Feb. 2). She said she didn’t have enough time to rehearse with the orchestra for the inaugural because she had been rehearsing for her performance at the Super Bowl.

She was given the opportunity to perform at one of the most important events of our country, and she was more concerned with performing at a football game. Shame on her and anyone else who feels the same way.




FirstEnergy fine shows up in bill?

Your Feb. 6 article “FirstEnergy settlement is for Bayshore oil spill” said the utility was fined $172,938 for leaking five gallons of oil into Lake Erie. Now I know why more than half my electric bill is for FirstEnergy-related charges.

If Joe Public’s jet ski sinks in the lake and loses 10 gallons of fuel, will the owner of the jet ski be fined accordingly?


Elmore, Ohio