‘Killer Kitties’? Hardly


Your Feb. 11 editorial “Killer kitties” was unbelievable. It stopped just short of calling for the total destruction of the local rat patrol.

I like the sound of crickets on a summer night. Maybe we should kill all of the birds that eat crickets.

Cats kill other animals besides birds: mice, rats, shrews, ground moles, and other destructive rodents that we put out poisons to try to kill.

Feral cats are wild predators looking for a meal, no different from hawks, snakes, raccoons, and other animals who also eat birds.

I feel much more comfortable seeing a cat walking through my backyard than a rat.


Clover Lane


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Cats leaving wildlife alone

My wife and I have had cats off and on for well over 50 years. I have never considered any of them as threats to local wildlife.

I look out my back door — as do our two kitties — and see squirrels, bunnies, birds of all types, and the occasional chipmunk. There has been a flock of robins feeding from berry trees across the street. I have yet to see any cats — feral or otherwise — stalking our red-breasted friends.


Branch Drive


Those who saved man at Y lauded

Highest praise goes to the lifeguards and other staff members at the West Toledo YMCA, and to the emergency medical service personnel who attended to a man who was unconscious in the Y’s swimming pool and saved his life (“Man pulled from water at YMCA will survive,” Feb. 13). These quiet heroes deserve recognition.


Bowen Road


ODOT worker should get award

Kudos to George Seambos for his alert observation and quick action (“Wrong-way driver diverted by snowplow; ODOT employee’s actions on U.S. 23 praised by police,” Feb. 2).

He saved God knows how many lives by stopping a 65-year old motorist who was driving on the wrong side of U.S. 23 in Sylvania.

Mr. Seambos’ story should be planted in every lawmaker’s office in Washington, to teach them a lesson. His deed is a reminder to the partisan politicians who are drunk on their hubris and hell-bent on taking our country the wrong way.




Dog warden, zoo letter repulsive

I found the Feb. 5 Readers’ Forum letter “Dog warden, zoo can help each other,” proposing a synergistic relationship between the Toledo Zoo and the Lucas County Dog Warden’s office, repulsive.

I hope the writer never finds himself homeless. His next meal may be zebra or dachshund.