City officials ripped over water issue


Your article on Toledo City Council members’ water payment situations was revealing and surprising (“Many council water critics have unpaid, past-due bills; Bell: Some have paid late or received shut-off warnings,” Feb. 8).

We elect these individuals to make important decisions that affect our pocketbooks. We hold them to a higher standard, particularly when it comes to paying for city services.

To learn that many are cavalier about that responsibility is troubling, especially when ordinary residents struggle to pay ever-increasing costs they vote upon us.

Perhaps before we vote council members into office, we should see the results of due diligence, including background and financial aspects.

Tanglewood Drive

Officials all wet over water debts

If I owed the City of Toledo upward of $5,000 for water, would I be enjoying a glass of water and a hot shower?

Voters should remember this on Election Day. Do we want people in office who vote on how to spend our money but can’t manage their own?

Charmaine Drive

Management of money in question

Because they control water rates for Toledo and surrounding communities, Toledo City Council members and future council candidates should make available to the public their personal credit scores.

This would give voters information about how they manage personal finances. If they can’t manage their finances, why should they be in control of the city’s finances?

Your Feb. 13 editorial “All wet” said that only one council member has remained current in paying his water bill. Because most of them can’t pay their bills promptly, they should have payments automatically deducted from the paychecks they receive as council members.


Before criticizing, put house in order

It might be a good idea for those City Council members who criticize the need for a water utility deposit to put their own water bills in order. Shame on them.