Nominating Hagel is indefensible


Statements by Chuck Hagel about Israel, the Jewish lobby, Iran, and nuclear Global Zero offer enough reason to question his suitability to become secretary of defense (“Blocked by politics,” guest editorial, Feb. 16).

If that weren’t enough, his dumb comment about the President’s policy of containing a nuclear Iran and his lack of knowledge of Mr. Obama’s sequestration frighten me. He could be responsible for the greatest military establishment in the world.

But not to worry, for in his own words: “I won’t be in a policy-making position.” Thank goodness.




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U.S. is too helpful toward Israel

President Obama’s efforts to have Mr. Hagel confirmed as secretary of defense have run into a problem with pro-Israel activists. This confirmation process lays bare how pro-Israel everyone must be to get re-elected in this country.

Mr. Hagel has spoken the truth by identifying the American Israel Public Affairs Committee as a pro-Israel lobby. We send billions of dollars to Israel, while our elected representatives are reducing support to meet our domestic needs.

We should rethink our support of Israel. We don’t need to cover Israel’s back. It can deal with whomever it chooses to invade.


Archbold, Ohio


Gas utility’s role in line questioned

Columbia Gas of Ohio warns about alternate heating sources, but will not supply gas to all homes in Toledo without the homeowner having to pay for the gas line in the street (“Beware alternate heating sources,” Readers’ Forum, Jan. 20).

I do not mind paying to run a gas line from the street into my home. But I think it’s wrong for a utility that has a monopoly on gas lines in Toledo not to install a line along my street without my paying for the entire pipeline.


East State Line Road

Editor’s note: A Columbia Gas spokesman said the utility “attempts to balance the needs of its customers with the requirements of the state Public Utilities Commission and the expectations of Columbia shareholders. Our infrastructure helps support a safe and reliable natural gas system, but at times it is necessary to charge our customers.”


More youth should be at symphony

I had an enjoyable evening at the Cirque de La Symphonie at the Stranahan Theater on Feb. 2, with acrobats and the Toledo Symphony. It was my way of introducing my 8-year-old granddaughter to the symphony. She was thrilled by the performance.

My only disappointment was that I did not see more children at this event. What a missed opportunity to introduce another type of music to our young people.

I hope the symphony will have more concerts such as this one.


Springfield Township