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Letters to the Editor

Drones lessen America

When a President or federal agency starts murdering citizens without due process, then there is no justice system and there is no America (“Drone assurance,” editorial, March 11).

Drones and helicopters miles above the Earth cannot tell the difference between a military target and a wedding reception, or reporters with camera equipment, or children foraging for firewood.

Drone use is bad enough and questionable in military situations, but now our leaders want to bring this carnage to the United States.

At one time, Americans agreed that murder and torture were horrendous acts committed by ruthless, depraved, criminal regimes. But now many people feel this is acceptable. What does that make us?


East Lincolnshire Boulevard


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Where is Bush’s apology to U.S.?

In response to the March 6 Readers’ Forum letter “Where’s Obama’s apology to Bush?”: Why should President Obama apologize to George W. Bush, who started a war, had prisoners tortured, and gave up on the search for our No. 1 enemy, Osama bin Laden?

President Obama restarted the search and sent in the SEALs who got bin Laden. There is nothing unconstitutional about the commander in chief using our military force, including drones, to defend our country.

Mr. Bush owes America the apology.




Student lottery draws complaint

Shame on Toledo School for the Arts for its mishandling of its student-applicant lottery this month.

On March 1, a list was posted on its Web site with dozens of numbers listed for each grade level. Applicants were assigned random lottery numbers.

However, we were not told how many slots were available for each grade. Anyone reading the list would have assumed it was of chosen students. My family celebrated what we thought was our daughter’s acceptance by TSA into the eighth grade.

What was missing was an explanation that there were only about 15 openings in each grade and that only those who were accepted would be contacted.

It was not until March 4 that TSA posted this explanation. Our student was not accepted.

The school did not reach out to those students whose hopes were crushed by its mishandling of this sensitive situation.


Ottawa Hills

Editor’s note: A TSA official said all names were included in the lottery to show that none had been intentionally omitted or excluded.


Listening to music in person is tops

I am one of those silver-haired people who was mentioned in Dennis Bova’s March 7 op-ed column, “Socially speaking, the symphony delivers a crescendo.” No offense taken.

While I enjoy the occasional piece of classical music, my musical tastes run to jazz, blues, and old-time rock ‘n’ roll. My adult daughter pointed out to me that going to a rock concert or seeing a jazz or blues group live beats listening to a record, tape, or CD. She is right.

I will wish that the Toledo Symphony draws a more diverse audience in the future. Viva live music of all kinds.


Branch Drive

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