McCord Road work needs attention


The proposed McCord Road improvements should be a matter of concern for area residents (“Lucas Co. OKs eminent domain to acquire land; Underpass at rail crossing set to be completed by 2017,” March 18).

The roundabout at McCord and Hall Street could create a traffic jam. Neither Holland nor Springfield Township is taking steps to make the real estate that would remain after the county’s acquisition marketable.

No effort appears to have been made to keep affected businesses in the area. The extension of Holland Park Boulevard leaves the new portion of that road to township and county maintenance while it passes through Holland.

The improvements are needed, but a project of this scale deserves more attention to its effects beyond an opportunity to try a new traffic engineering concept.


Springfield Township


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Roundabout may endanger walkers

The proposed roundabout at McCord Road and Hall Street will be a pedestrian hazard. More than 24,000 vehicles a day pass through this intersection. Suppose a collision causes a vehicle to be pushed into a pedestrian who is trying to cross the street.

The argument I have heard for roundabouts is that they save gasoline. But my biggest fear is about pedestrian safety.


Nebraska Avenue


Trio wouldn’t help Toledo

Just when Mayor Mike Bell has Toledo pointed in the right direction, former mayor Carty Finkbeiner and Democratic fund-raiser Jerry Chabler come out to support Jack Ford’s return (“Ford tells fund-raisers of plans for council run,” Feb. 22). Haven’t Mr. Finkbeiner, Mr. Chabler, and Mr. Ford done enough damage?

They complain about the empty houses that need to be torn down, but whose policies caused them to be empty? Their new game plan is the same as the old — a call for another government program.

How many times will the people of Toledo do the same thing and expect different results? Do we want Toledo to look like Detroit?


Drummond Road


Democrats failing as Toledo leaders

Democrats on Toledo City Council should look at Detroit and realize that unions can’t run government (“Crisis chief taking helm in Detroit; We can rise from ashes, Snyder’s appointee says,” March 15).

City unions have crushed Detroit with inflated contracts and over-the-top demands. Toledo is following suit with a council controlled by the union-run Democrat Party. Looks as though Democrats aren’t very democratic.