Firefighters are role models


The Blade’s recent article that revealed the questionable activities of some firefighters working out of Toledo’s Station 5 makes that firehouse sound more like an animal house (“Station 5 firefighters face arrests, accusations; Suspensions issued; inquiry under way,” March 15).

I applaud Fire Chief Luis Santiago for not taking the recent events lightly, as well as City Law Director Adam Loukx for suspending the city prosecutor who mishandled one of these cases.

Firefighters have a dangerous job. But it is one that they have chosen and are well-trained and compensated for.

In a post-9/11 world, they are considered heroes and role models. It seems the personnel at Station 5 need to be reminded of that.


Robinwood Avenue


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Traffic fines lead to Michigan

I miss my former breakfast friends at the restaurant on Alexis Road that I used to frequent, but I have had to change my routine because of an inanimate object (“Traffic cams net nearly $3M in 2012; 68,159 citations issued for red-light, speed violations,” Feb. 24).

A camera has determined that twice I failed to come to a complete stop before I turned right on red. Because of the severity of the fines, amounting to roughly two months of coffee and a doughnut, I had to find an alternative way to get to work.

I’m excited about my newly found breakfast friends at a restaurant on Sterns Road. I look forward to spending my money in Michigan without the fear of Big Brother.


Berkey, Ohio


Wine festival left a mildly bad taste

I was excited to see that Toledo came up with the Glass City Wine Festival, but it was disappointing (“Thousands of wine lovers pour into SeaGate Centre for festival,” March 17).

The setup was poorly done. The area and booths needed to be larger, and there should have been more people serving wine. The lines were too long.

Some vendors ran out of food before the event concluded. A vendor ran out of certain types of wine.

I hope the people who organized this event do it again, featuring wines from around the world and having the festival run longer.


Springfield Township


Other customers to pay water hike?

Toledo Mayor Mike Bell wants to raise our water bills (“Mayor seeks 13.2% a year rate increase; Average household faces $125 annual hike by 2018,” March 22). Are the other municipalities that buy our water going to pay higher prices?

And why was the Collins Park water treatment plant left to deteriorate so badly?


West Crawford Avenue