Jacobs right to cancel agreement


Kudos to University of Toledo President Lloyd Jacobs for announcing that he would not approve a renewal of the UT Medical Center’s transfer agreement with Toledo Capital Care Network when the agreement expires on July 31 (“Double-talk,” editorial,” April 25).

This is a step in the right direction toward eliminating easy abortions. Although there still will be facilities open for those girls and women who want abortions, now some of them will take more time to consider what they are doing.

Harvest Lane

Rap on McConnell is hypocritical

Your criticism of the victim of political and probably criminal espionage, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, in your April 13 editorial “Thug life” was hypocritical.

President Obama did not run last year on his record, which was a weak economy and high unemployment, even after a massive economic stimulus. President Obama’s campaign was based on character assassination of his opponent, Mitt Romney.

I do not recall any Blade editorials that criticized that tactic. It did not deter you from endorsing Mr. Obama.


Agency leans toward sexism

Marilou Johanek’s April 20 op-ed column, “A call to arms against Ohio House GOP’s war on women” exposed Planned Parenthood as sexist. Ms. Johanek warned that if lawmakers reduce Planned Parenthood’s funds, they would be engaging in a war against women, rather than a war against people.

Ms. Johanek quotes Stephanie Kight, president and chief executive officer of Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio and, of course, a woman. She warned that if lawmakers reduce Planned Parenthood’s funds, “more women aren’t going to be served.”

By exposing Planned Parenthood as sexist, perhaps Ms. Johanek and Ms. Kight will end government’s practice of forcing men and women taxpayers to fund an organization that helps only one gender.


Why are Ohio’s gas prices high?

My wife and I went to Florida for two weeks recently. In Florida, gasoline cost $3.10 a gallon; in Tennessee, $3.12 to $3.15, and in Kentucky, $3.15 to $3.20. When we got back to Ohio, gas was $3.67 a gallon.

Why the cost of gasoline is so high in Ohio, I’ll never know. If I could move, I would.

Goodwin Street