Bell’s right to fight ban on cameras


Kudos to Toledo Mayor Mike Bell for opposing a proposed law in Columbus that could end our red-light and speed cameras (“Bill could ban red-light cameras; Toledo mayor testifies in Columbus that devices save lives,” April 24).

The mayor should know, because he is a former fire chief who has been at the scene of fatal accidents and injuries caused by speeding and disregard of red lights. He dismissed the claims of those proposing the bill, putting safety first over legislators who say the cameras are unconstitutional.

Toledo Police Lt. Jeffery Sulewski said in your article that speed violations dropped significantly after installation of cameras on the Anthony Wayne Trail. Isn’t this reason enough to keep the cameras?

So what if the city is making money from the citations? It’s a double plus for the city.


Fairhaven Drive


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Cooperation a must on gun issue

The gun-control issue should not be about conservative versus liberal or gun association member versus nonmember. With about 30,000 gun-related deaths last year, it should be about America working together to mitigate this horrific problem (“Depth of commitment: Terrorism one thing, guns another,” op-ed column, April 25).

None of the gun-control proposals that were before Congress would have infringed on the rights of those who want to protect their family and property or of the sport hunter.

There should be background checks on all gun sales. Straw purchases should be made a federal offense with jail time. Ammunition magazines should be limited to 10 rounds.

Armor-piercing bullets and semiautomatic assault-style weapons, some of which can be converted to automatics by people with the skill to do so, should be banned.


Luna Pier, Mich.


Nation’s passion for guns misplaced

The loudest voices swaying the gun-control debate seem to be of those who fear that government will come for their guns (“Reloading on violence," editorial, April 23).

What does this say about the social health of this country, in which each year thousands of innocent people are shot to death? Why are we not acting passionately to ensure the safety of our citizens from gun violence by enacting sensible laws?

Why are citizens of the most powerful nation in the world unable to prevent individuals who should not have guns from obtaining them? Why are we more passionate about owning guns than saving lives?


East Lincolnshire Boulevard


Surprise enters into shootings

In response to the April 19 Readers’ Forum letter “Carrying a gun not a guarantee”: Kaitlin Gerber might have had a chance to survive if she had had time to draw a weapon and if she had had one; her assailant was ready to shoot.

As for the district attorney in Texas who was shot, I imagine he was caught off guard. I wouldn’t expect someone to stand at my door with a gun cocked. I guess it’s all in the element of surprise.