Hypocrisy evident in Gosnell trial


Why do mere factors of time, place, and assailant determine the value of a life?

Under the laws of most states, including Ohio, the killing of an “unborn member of the species homo sapiens,” as a result of an attack against the mother, is aggravated murder. The mother need not die or even be mortally injured, only the “unborn member.”

When the place is an abortion clinic, when the time is anytime before birth, and the mother is the killer’s accomplice, however, the victim is deemed not worthy of legal protection.

Dr. Kermit Gosnell has been convicted of murder (“Abortion doctor gets life in prison without parole,” May 16). He was accused of inducing late-term pregnant women to deliver their fetuses, and then kill those fetuses outside the womb.

The details, based upon all accounts, have been “gruesome.” Even Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, has made public its utter disavowal of Dr. Gosnell’s practices.

Yet if you tidy it up, use certified practitioners, do the exact same thing a few weeks earlier inside the womb, it’s OK.

Isn’t this precisely what we Americans permit to happen every day?

We all have the blood of Gosnell’s tiny victims on our hands.


Ottawa Hills


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Caring made a difference

I was one of those people who swore my daughter would never go to one of those “inner city” clinics. Then, after emptying all of my bank accounts trying to have my 45-year-old daughter treated for her many health problems, I came to my senses.

My good friend Dr. Martha Pituch, who is in charge of the Cherry Street Mission clinic, told me to take her to the Cordelia Martin Clinic and ask for Tamara Bumpus.

That was just the beginning of a beautiful professional relationship.

My daughter had been sick for several years and no one looked deep enough to discover her ailments. Ms. Bumbus, who is a nurse practitioner, loves her work, and really cares about her patients, kept looking.

Michelle, my daughter, was hospitalized again in January.

She is on the mend, but probably will never be back to her old self.

There is no doubt that she would not be with us without the doctors and nurses at Cordelia Martin Clinic.

My thanks go out to each person who cared enough to fight for people who have no insurance.

Most of all, I thank Jack Ford, who stood his ground and put together a wonderful organization when everyone said it could not be done.


Thomas Street