Who is OK target of jokes?


You tried to explain away the latest bad joke by Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee by proclaiming: “We Americans are way too quick to take offense” (“The Gee flap,” editorial, June 2). I like Mr. Gee; my problem is with your explanation.

Remember when The Blade and the rest of our national media would not reprint cartoons that followers of Islam found offensive? Did the media tell Muslims not to be so uptight?

What if Mr. Gee had said something that the NAACP, NOW, or gay-rights groups proclaimed was offensive? Would we see an editorial saying they need to lighten up, as your Gee editorial did?

Because you have at times called people racist, sexist, and homophobic for telling bad jokes, maybe you could enlighten us by publishing your criteria for who should be offended, who shouldn’t, and why.


Woodhurst Drive


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Gee’s comments not offensive

As a Catholic, I did not find Mr. Gee’s remarks offensive, unlike some other readers (“Gee’s comments embarrass OSU,” Readers’ Forum, June 9).

I take offense when someone disrespects my values as a Catholic, as is happening with the Obama Administration’s position on reproductive health care and insurance coverage.

As for Mr. Gee, let’s not make a mountain out of a molehill. He is not racist or anti-Catholic. He’s just a little quirky. I mean that in a positive way.




Catholics should accept apology

The vitriol that was dealt to Mr. Gee is misspent energy. He apologized. Catholics should accept his apology and celebrate his contributions in the spirit of forgiveness, which is one of the foundation blocks of Catholicism.


Sylvania Township


People should use the sidewalks

Now that warm weather is here, there is no reason that people should walk in the street rather than on the sidewalk.

People who walk in the street are a hazard. When I drive, I try to avoid walkers, who seem to think they have the right of way over motor vehicles. I have seen groups of five to 10 people walking in the street and not moving when cars approach.

Does someone have to be seriously injured or killed before police take action against these people?


East Lake Street