Historywith rebels repeating?


Let’s hope our government’s decision to send military aid to Syrian rebels doesn’t backfire and lead to unintended consequences (“Obama OKs weapons for Syria rebels,” June 14).

I remember the last time we aided rebels who were fighting against an established regime. In the 1980s, we sent military supplies to rebels in Afghanistan, who were fighting Soviet occupiers of their country.

That eventually led to the ouster of the Soviets, strengthening of the Taliban, and a safe haven for Osama bin Laden, who launched the attacks against our country on Sept. 11, 2001.

Sylvania Township

We should avoid Syrian conflict

The increasingly violent skirmishes between rebels and government forces in Syria are creating a scenario for legitimizing yet another American military intervention in the Middle East.

The American public should brace for rhetoric to justify our plunging into another conflict. President Obama’s “red line” bodes nothing but more blood on our hands and conscience.

The price tag for our Iraq overture, according to a Reuters report, was $1 trillion, with an additional $6 trillion needed over the next 40 years to care for veterans. We should ask our adventurous leaders where that money will come from.

Our nation needs to question our insatiable appetite for violent meddling in selected regions of the world, particularly in the Middle East.


Diplomacy must take hold in Syria

U.S. military involvement in Syria could only make things worse. Syria does not need a no-fly zone. It needs a no-weaponizing zone.

The White House and its allies need to stop arming one side of a civil war, and to persuade Russia to stop arming the other.

Further escalating the violence will result in nothing positive. Diplomacy must be actively pursued before it is too late.

It’s all in the hands of our lawmakers in Washington. Will they really decide to attack yet another Islamic country?

West Alexis Road

‘Pair on lam’ brightened day

Your June 12 story “Pair on the lam in Oregon back home with tails between legs” was refreshing.

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the story about the horse and donkey. It was filled with humor. The writing lent just the right flavor to the tale.

Thank you for starting our day out with a good chuckle.