Spying issue a concern


In response to your June 9 article “Surveillance news met with concern, but not surprise”: I’m more than concerned. This suppression of dissent is dangerous.

Does anyone seriously believe the government will use data mining against foreign nationals exclusively? The destruction of the avenues of dissent is another major step toward totalitarian control.

The potential for the use of this information against the general public is intimidating. I wonder whether its existence was deliberately leaked.

Some people may say they’re not worried because they’re not doing anything wrong. How will people know when the government decides what they are doing is wrong?

Clover Lane

Ex-constitutional lawyer shamed

Regarding the seizure of our telephone records under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, it was just a matter of time before all of us were considered to be potential terrorist suspects (“U.S. mining 9 Internet firms’ data; Millions of phone calls also under surveillance,” June 7).

Shame on President Obama, a former constitutional lawyer.


Vietnam event receives praise

Toledo hosted a wonderful Vietnam veterans appreciation event at International Park (“Decades overdue, event gives Vietnam-era vets their due,” June 6). I am a U.S. Army veteran who served in Vietnam with the 1st Cavalry Division.

I was a greeter at the veterans’ resources area. It was my pleasure to shake hands with hundreds of veterans, welcome them home, and thank them for their service.

The response was overwhelming for me and other greeters. It was a time for healing and remembering, joy and sorrow. It was a wonderful, spiritual time.

Beverly Drive

Vietnam wall agency thankful

American Veterans Traveling Tribute brought the Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall to Toledo in conjunction with Toledo’s Vietnam veterans appreciation event.

We thank everyone who was involved with making this event a reality, including event co-directors Duke Wheeler and Blade marketing manager Mark Peddicord. We thank the community for welcoming our organization and this patriotic and educational event to Toledo.

The many events that went on at the wall were a testament to how patriotic the Toledo community is. It is obvious that your area understands and appreciates the true cost of freedom.

Event Coordinator American Veterans Traveling Tribute Flint, Texas