Abortion backers oppress Ohioans


As you pointed out in your June 13 editorial “State budget as cudgel,” Ohioans are oppressed by a theocratic minority. However, you are wrong about which theocratic minority is doing the oppressing.

This theocratic minority bows at the altar of abortion. In its fanaticism and thirst for money and power, this pro-abortion minority devours taxpayer dollars as its own tithe, throwing women’s rights and health under the bus.

A Gallup poll last month said that Americans are overwhelmingly pro-life, concluding that 58 percent of us want all or almost all abortions to be illegal. Therefore, a majority of your readership is against abortion.

We should be able to ensure that our tax dollars are not keeping the doors of even one abortion clinic open. Taxpayer-funded institutions need to stay out of the abortion business.

You didn’t speak to other pro-life initiatives that made it into the state budget, even though they greatly bolster women’s access to health care. Community health centers served more than half a million women in 2011. That’s five times the number of women that abortion giant Planned Parenthood served.

We fought to have funding follow the women — to go to the centers women are using.

You didn’t mention the numerous health, safety, and legal violations that abortion clinics throughout Ohio have been cited for in the past couple of months. You didn’t point out that even from a pro-choice perspective, those clinics have endangered women.

In their devotion, members of this theocratic minority will ignore anything to keep open abortion clinics, their houses of worship.

President Ohio Right to Life Columbus