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Letters to the Editor

Majority no longer rules nation

Your June 7 editorial “Guns and threats” says: “It’s time to stop the NRA from thwarting the will of the American people.” Really? Are you under the naive notion that the majority still rules in this country?

How about the will of the majority of the people to still allow prayer in schools? How about the will of the majority of the people to allow Nativity scenes on public property? How about the will of the majority of the people to cease entitlement programs to illegal aliens? How about the will of the majority of the American people to have the federal government work within a balanced budget? The list goes on.

How about waking up to reality and quit picking when the majority of the American people should prevail.


Neighbors await demolitions

Buried somewhere in the City of Toledo files is a request to raze an East Toledo dilapidated, burned-out house at the corner of Starr Avenue and St. Louis Street and a run-down abandoned duplex on St. Louis.

My neighbors and I have waited for more than a year. We dread the thought of what the night will bring — a possible return of an arsonist. Will we wake up in the middle of the night again to the sounds of people screaming, and the sounds and smells of burning wood?

Mayor Mike Bell and City Council members remain safe in their neighborhoods. What would they do if this threat was at their back door?

Walden Avenue
Editor’s note: A city spokesman said that the Starr Avenue properties are to be demolished this year with federal funds. The duplex on St. Louis has not been targeted for demolition.

Fire division can get rid of eyesores

I am puzzled when cities such as Toledo claim they have no funds to tear down abandoned buildings and houses, but they seem to have money to extinguish fires at those structures (“Reckless speech or demolition?”, Readers’ Forum, May 20). So why not create a division of the fire department that is responsible for tearing down these buildings before they are set on fire?

I think such a division could find time in the day to demolish these potential fire sites and still have manpower to respond to the ones that are torched.

It makes more sense to dictate the fate of these eyesores than to leave the task to an arsonist. The more dilapidated dwellings that are razed, the fewer that can be set ablaze.

Perrysburg Township

Hospital’s food under inspection

In the Restaurant Inspections of June 17’s Today’s Log, one of the places inspected appears to be the University of Toledo Medical Center’s Dietary Service Main Kitchen on Arlington Avenue.

If going into a hospital for treatment isn’t traumatic enough for most, now do we have to be concerned about the safety of the food?

Archbold, Ohio

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