Portman must act on gun reform


Republican U.S. Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio should act now on gun reform to save lives (“Pressure on Portman,” editorial, June 2). We don’t live in Afghanistan or Syria, yet gun violence touches us every day.

Many domestic shootings occur because felons, domestic abusers, and the dangerously mentally ill can purchase guns without a simple background check that is opposed by Senator Portman.

Simple but effective background checks can stop dangerous people from buying guns. And while legislation to require background checks on all gun sales is ignored by some members of Congress, dozens of Americans continue to die every day as a result of gun violence.

Most Americans agree that Congress should pass legislation to require a simple background check on all gun sales. If our leaders are not willing to represent the united voice of their constituents, then we should hold them accountable at election time.

Where is the support from Senator Portman?

Homerdale Avenue

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Boaters, agencies must be responsible
With the warmer weather, many people will be boating more. The policy of law enforcement agencies that operate and patrol on the water needs to be revised.

I have been a boater since 1968. Randomly stopping boaters for a safety check is an example of unreasonable search. There should be an obvious violation that was observed before a vessel is stopped.

The enforcement agencies are using the safety check issue solely to see if the operator has been drinking.

Operators of a boat need to be responsible and think most about the safety of the guests on board. But we should not be subjected to unreasonable searches and the penalties that come with it.

306th Street


Light shed on name of soldier’s kin
In response to your May 27 story “Black troops remembered for service to military”: There are only three older living relatives in Toledo to Homer Lee Quinn, who was mentioned in your story and who died serving in the Army in World War I. They are Velma Quinn Shoecraft, 88; Lorean Quinn Whitaker, 78, and Janet Quinn Wyatt, 72.

My oldest sister, Homer Lee Quinn Hamer, died in June, 2011, at age 90. She was named Homer Lee by my father, Robert Quinn, Homer’s brother, because she was born on the same day that he and his daughter Vessie died.

For many years, people asked about her name, which is a rare one for a woman. I thank my cousin Anthony Quinn for his contribution to your story.

Rosewood Avenue


Korean War vets need attention
Congratulations to you for your articles on Vietnam war veterans (Vietnam veterans to be honored in Toledo,” June 4). Similar attention should have been given to veterans of the Korean War.

Pioneer, Ohio