2 B.G. state lawmakers criticized


Shame on our Republican state lawmakers from Bowling Green, Sen. Randy Gardner and Rep. Tim Brown, for voting for a budget bill that makes tax reforms hurtful to working-class and low-income residents, senior citizens, and the middle class (“Kasich signs budget, vetoes 22 line items; Abortion restrictions left intact,” July 1).

In addition, they accepted a bill that hinders Medicaid expansion, which even Republican Gov. John Kasich considered desirable.


Bowling Green


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Money at root of red-light cameras

If Mayor Mike Bell was honest with Toledoans, he would have told the Ohio House that the installation of red-light cameras was and always will be about money (“House votes to unplug red-light cameras in Ohio; Senate vote likely in autumn; Toledo could lose millions,” June 27).

If it was truly about controlling speed, the city would allow the private company that provides the cameras to retain all of the money from camera-related fines.

Your story quoted state Rep. Rex Damschroder (R., Fremont) as saying that Mr. Bell told lawmakers the cameras were a source of income as well as a way of providing public safety.

Mr. Bell wants to keep the cameras so he doesn’t have to make difficult budget cuts.


Revere Drive


Replace cameras with traffic patrol

If Toledo is intent on making streets safe, why not create a traffic patrol? The city could put people on street corners instead of cameras.

Jobs would be created, crime would be curbed, and people would feel safer. Wouldn’t it be great to have a law enforcement person on every corner to help in time of need?


Grand Rapids, Ohio


No time limit on veterans’ fund

In response to your June 17 article “Time running out for bonuses; Officials worry Ohio veterans of 3 conflicts will miss out”: Ohioans should not have a time limit on these well-earned bonuses.

If lawmakers could keep their greedy hands off this fund, it would be there whenever an eligible veteran decided to apply for benefits.

We Ohioans voted in 2009 to establish this fund. Veterans deserve it.


Swanton Township