Obama not perfect; drop witch hunt


It used to be that the silly season of political grandstanding and obfuscation happened only during election years. But it is time to give perspective to some of the recent “scandals” by comparing the Obama Administration with its predecessor (“Amid ‘scandals,’ governing,” editorial, May 28).

There were fatalities in 13 separate embassy attacks during the George W. Bush years. If they had been scrutinized as closely as Benghazi, it is likely that discrepancies in official statements would have been found.

Then there is the Internal Revenue Service scandal. Lois Lerner, the IRS official who pleaded the Fifth Amendment at a House hearing, was a Bush administration appointee.

I’m not saying the Obama Administration can do no wrong. I’m troubled by the increased data mining and use of drones. But I don’t like witch hunts either.

Delta, Ohio


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‘Credibility’ needs to view other half
Your July 2 editorial “Credit and credibility” about Toledo mayoral candidate Anita Lopez surprised me.

There seems to be no understanding of her humanity and concern for her family. What is more important than one person caring for another?

Springfield Township


Voters can better identify with Lopez
Toledo Mayor Mike Bell has an outstanding credit rating (“Mayor, Collins show tax returns; Both enjoy high credit scores; 2 other hopefuls don’t share info,” June 25). He is a bachelor with no kids, and an income in excess of $100,000 a year.

This is in contrast to mayoral hopeful and Lucas County Auditor Anita Lopez’s poor credit score. She is a single mother who is raising two children, who put herself through law school, and who struggles to keep up with a mortgage, student loan payments, and credit-card bills, all the while holding down a full-time job.

How many Toledoans can identify with her?

Robinwood Avenue


No debate needed on gay marriage
It seems like the issues of gay marriage and abortion are hot topics for debate (“New battles over gay marriage unfold in Congress,” July 7).

Man’s law can not overcome God’s law. The answer for both topics can be found in the Bible. The answer is no.

Pemberville, Ohio