County fair relevant, but needs work


There are those who feel that urban fairs are irrelevant, but as you pointed out in your July 7 article “Lucas County Fair expects to draw 30,000 to 40,000 over its 6-day run,” that is far from true.

An urban fair is an excellent opportunity to educate city residents about rural life, for children and adults to see farm animals up close, and to see things such as wheat, corn, and soybeans in their natural state before they become products for our dinner tables.

The county commissioners donated a large sum of money to the fair so that electrical service could be updated to make the fair safer and to help merchants bring their wares.

However, it would seem that the business community — especially those associated with agriculture — might also step up to improve the fairgrounds for the future.

Urban fairs are relevant. I hope this one keeps going and becomes even better.




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Highway cameras invoke spying

I have noticed over the past few weeks the installation of spy cameras on expressways throughout the Toledo metropolitan area. This doesn’t make me feel safer, but rather that Big Brother is everywhere.

We don’t seem to have enough money to feed all Americans, provide health care, or maintain and pave roadways, but we can afford to spy on citizens as they travel around town.

In light of the recent disclosures of the government, in direct violation of the Fourth Amendment, monitoring our phone, email, and other personal communications, who is going to safeguard our democracy?


Scottwood Avenue

Editor’s note: An Ohio Department of Transportation spokesman said: “The cameras are part of the Freeway Management System, designed to keep traffic moving and to inform motorists of delays. There are similar systems in five other metropolitan areas in Ohio. Webcams will be made available for public view on OHGO.com once the network is installed.”


Government must address concerns

Our infrastructure is crumbling and Americans need jobs. Fix our infrastructure.

Many American children go to bed — if they even have beds — hungry each night. Feed them.

Many returning soldiers need extensive counseling. Help them.

Many other nations do not follow our democratic culture and do not want to. Don’t give them our hard-earned tax dollars.

History has shown that it takes centuries to change a culture. America cannot afford to keep wasting money on places such as Syria.


Mellwood Court


Running of bulls a step backward

Nearly every day, I’m reminded of the advances mankind has made in medicine, transportation, and communications, among other fields. Then I read your July 8 article “Running of the bulls starts yearly festival.” That story out of Spain reminded me how Neanderthal we still are.


Springfield Township