Greed fuels shuffling of aluminum


The price of aluminum, because Goldman Sachs and other financial institutions own storage warehouses and have a stake in the London Metal Exchange, is in line with the direction in which the rest of our country is heading: Everything revolves around the almighty dollar (“Aluminum a gold mine for banks; Shuffle of stored metal costs consumers billions,” July 21).

Before we bring the country down through the lack of leadership that governs our country, I have one question: Where can I apply for one of the forklift driver jobs?


Eastern Avenue


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Ask for firearms locations too

You celebrate your win in court about having the map detailing gang locations in Toledo released (“In the public interest,” editorial, July 18).

That’s great, but you also should have asked for the location of licensed firearms owners. You should have asked for the location of concealed-carry permit owners.

Just to make sure you haven’t forgotten anybody, you should’ve asked for curio and relic firearms license holders’ locations too. That way, the gangs will know where all the other gangs are located and where firearms are located.


Springfield Township


Zimmerman case all too racial

The news media and the President have done everything possible to make the Trayvon Martin shooting into a racial case (“Obama makes challenge to end racial bias,” op-ed column, July 24).

Why don’t the news media focus on the black-on-black homicides that take place in this country every week?

If George Zimmerman had shot a white person, we probably would never have heard about it nationally. If Trayvon Martin had been shot by a black person, we would not have heard about that either.




Obama changing stand on ‘stand’?

In 2004, then-Illinois state Sen. Barack Obama co-sponsored a bill that strengthened that state’s “stand your ground” law. Now, an unfortunate situation came along, and a young man died as a result of mistrust, fear, and confrontation.

President Obama made gun-control legislation his early signature issue. Someone needs to ask him which side of his mouth he will be using today.


Pinestead Drive