Letters to the Editor

Business’ goal: Make money


Your Aug. 2 editorial “Worth the wage” showed a complete misunderstanding of business.

All businesses make the same product: money. The purpose of a business is to provide a return on investment. It is not to provide jobs or benefits.

When governments get out of the way of businesses, jobs and benefits often follow.


Torrance Drive

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Baseball as religion a waste

The Aug. 10 article by Blade religion editor TK Barger reached a new low in relevance and accuracy in reporting what is transpiring on the local church scene (“Mud Hens: Pray ball!”).

Mr. Barger treats lightly — if not sarcastically — what is close to the heart of many Toledo residents: what they believe.

He compares “baseball communion of a beer and a hot dog” to “the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.” Why are you wasting valuable column inches and paying Mr. Barger to write such trash?

The Blade needs to find someone who can report effectively about local religion, and leave spaghetti to the food editor.


Lambert Drive


Seniors wield power of voting

Senior citizens have a way to threaten elected officials who have reduced their tax breaks: vote (“Seniors need relief on taxes,” Readers’ Forum, Aug. 10).

Elected officials count on voters’ amnesia. Seniors shouldn’t forget the actions of their lawmakers and governor. The shelf life of a candidate depends on voters.

Seniors should vet candidates, and volunteer to help a candidate if possible. Seniors should vote for candidates who have promised to enact measures equitable to everyone.

Seniors should persuade their friends, neighbors, and family to vote for candidates who understand older voters.

Seniors are a large voting group, and wield power.


Hampton Avenue

Road crews’ work is appreciated

The craftsmen who recently rebuilt parts of Bancroft Street and Secor Road did a terrific job (“Secor-Central reopens to traffic,” July 20).

Traffic was maintained throughout reconstruction. Each crew worker knew what to do and worked hard. Jobs well done.


Ottawa Hills