Business leaders should help oversee TPS


Now is the time for all conscientious entrepreneurs to come to the aid of our children and buoy our community for its future.

The challenge is to nurture young people to think as entrepreneurs and support them in their attempts to build enterprises that would create good jobs.

Toledo Public Schools is one of the largest employers in the area and has a budget that exceeds that of virtually any other organization. TPS’ money comes from the public in one form of taxation or another. It is a right and a responsibility of the community, therefore, to make sure that the money is used wisely and for a predetermined, publicly supported purpose: well-educated young people who have been prepared to fulfill the requirements of a good job.

Pivotal to accomplishing that is the election of a Board of Education that has business experience and the support of employers, so that members can spend the appropriate amount of time on TPS business without jeopardizing their full-time jobs. Historically, many of Toledo’s successful business and professional people have served on the Board of Education as part of their career path.

Local business leaders should band together as a separate organization. The group should have representation at all Board of Education meetings. This group should encourage appropriate people to apply as candidates for the school board.

The results of this educational effort should provide Toledo with a resource of educated and trained graduates, which should be enticing to existing businesses and those that are considering Toledo as a location.


Sylvania Township