Hospital alliance leaves out UTMC


The alliance between ProMedica and Cleveland Clinic provides ProMedica not only with the potential benefits expressed in your article, but also significant local strategic advantages (“ProMedica, Cleveland Clinic team up; Alliance looks to improve efficiency and patient care, lower costs,” Aug. 8).

Cleveland Clinic’s stellar international reputation will further ProMedica’s image, including its marketing activities.

The agreement substantially lessens, if not negates, similar affiliation agreements between Cleveland Clinic and the University of Toledo Medical Center and Mercy.

Both of these alliance partners are fiercely competitive in acquiring new patients and increasing their market shares, a relevant matter that was not addressed in your article.

It is unfortunate that UTMC was unable to conclude an affiliation agreement with Cleveland Clinic when it had the opportunity.

UTMC’s small size limits its ability to have equal footing in negotiations with such large and successful health care systems as Cleveland Clinic and ProMedica. But without concluding such formidable affiliations, UTMC will remain small and become increasingly vulnerable as large systems become even larger.



Editor’s note: The writer is a former president and CEO of Mercy Health Partners and St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center.