Bank article on Lopez was absurd


I understand The Blade’s position vis-à-vis political candidates doing business locally (“Lopez used Maumee bank for campaign; Other major candidates have Toledo accounts,” Aug. 10).

But to critique Toledo mayoral candidate Anita Lopez for doing her campaign banking in Maumee, rather than at a branch bank of a financial company based in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cincinnati, or the United Kingdom approaches the absurd. And I’m not even a Lopez fan.

What fun you could have had with her had her campaign banked at Charter One, a subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Scotland. Would that have meant that the British government would take over Toledo?

Please, more balance. Newspaper space is hard to come by. Please don’t waste it.

Lowe Road

Abortion issue in campaign raised
I would love to say, with pride, that I am from the only large city in Ohio without an abortion clinic (“Lopez gets endorsement by women’s organization; Emily’s List cites her support for abortion,” Aug. 14).

As we know, or should know by now, killing babies is not the answer to unplanned pregnancies.

Oak Tree Place


Quit griping, taxes build community
In response to the Aug. 10 Readers’ Forum letter “Seniors need relief on taxes”: Senior citizens enjoy cost-of-living increases in Social Security and discounts on purchases. Tax levies in many Ohio counties support services for seniors.

The only ways to improve our communities are to improve education, stop the brain drain, and get industry back into the area to provide jobs and increase the tax base to support local public programs and institutions.

We in Bryan are looking at a levy on the November ballot for a bond issue for money to build a school and renovate a school. If the levy passes, we will have to pay more in taxes.

My children have left the area for jobs elsewhere already. But I am willing to toe the line for future generations. Are others?

Bryan, Ohio


Some teachers can’t go on strike
The letter writer’s comment that teachers can strike and hold students’ education hostage is inaccurate, as is his understanding of teacher pay versus his Social Security.

I am a teacher at Blissfield High School in Michigan. It is illegal in Michigan for public school teachers to strike. Most teachers have not had raises in five or more years, while seniors on Social Security have gotten cost-of-living adjustments.

If the letter writer thinks seniors have no one to threaten, he should call his representatives in Washington.

Sylvania Township