Republicans must let in immigrants


Your Aug. 5 editorial “Immigration and the economy” prompts Republicans in the House to do something for immigration reform, even if only for the economic benefits. Reducing waiting periods for citizenship would mean faster economic growth, higher tax revenues, and better social cohesion as families can reunite.

Liberalizing the Senate bill’s severe restrictions is not likely with today’s Republican House members. Yet if Republicans would grasp demographic trends, they will see that our country can grow more commonly prosperous with more immigrants, and do so sooner.

These immigrants and many other Americans may even come to appreciate that Republicans can also be reasonable, fair-minded, and compassionate toward today’s minorities and lower-income people, even if these voters and future voters don’t live in their congressional districts.

Tiffin, Ohio


Parents should monitor behavior
A store and clerk were cited for selling alcohol to a minor, which led to the fatal one-car crash of an Ottawa Hills teenager after a birthday party (“Liquor store tied to sale to minor loses its contract,” Aug. 17). Nowhere have I seen whether the parents of either teen have been charged in this incident. Someone should have been monitoring activities at a teen birthday party.

If this accident had happened in Toledo, I’ll bet that closer scrutiny would have been made of the parents.

149th Street


Cranes symbolize hope for future
I just traveled across the country, and I noticed what makes cities look like they are alive: construction cranes.

Cranes show that businesses are investing and building, and that there are jobs and promise for the near future.

Toledo has no cranes, just empty lots and empty promises. Look at the riverfront, the old Toledo Edison steam plant, and the vacant lots at the sites of the former Southwyck, North Towne Square, and Woodville malls.

We need cranes to tear down abandoned homes, which would lead to safer neighborhoods.

Toledo needs cranes, and lots of them.

Talmadge Road


Steam plant could be tourist draw
Toledo could boost tourism by having a minibus drive to sites, such as the old Toledo Edison steam plant, that are reminiscent of the city’s golden days.

Fourth of July fireworks could be shot from the steam plant stacks. That would be quite an attraction.