Letters to the Editor

Abortionists wage war on the unborn


Your Aug. 21 editorial “Heart failure” used the phrase “anti-abortion extremists” to describe members of the pro-life movement. “Extremists” would better describe people who contend that there is anything even remotely moral about human beings murdering their young.

As for your use of the hackneyed expression “war on women,” “war” would better describe the actions taken by pro-abortionists against innocent babies.

One criterion for judging a society’s moral character is how well it protects its weakest, most defenseless citizens. America has been on a downward spiral for decades.


Orono Drive


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Couple meets central-city need

Kudos to David and Kelly Kaiser, who have worked diligently to establish the South Toledo Kids’ Zone (“Parents go back to school with children; ‘Baby University’ works to break cycle of poverty,” Aug. 15).

I first met the Kaisers three years ago, when their program was in its infancy. I am the director of Central City Ministry of Toledo’s two campuses: Queen of Apostles, in the Old South End, and Rosary Cathedral, in the Old West End. I hoped that their Kids’ Zone program would parallel ours. It does.

We strive to serve families in the central city. We realize that parents, guardians, and teachers partner to educate each child to the child’s potential. We know that cultural diversity needs to be acknowledged, utilized, and celebrated.

All of us are called to be disciples and meet the needs of others. My thanks go to the Kaisers. I hope Toledo realizes their good work and that others follow their lead.


Director Central City Ministry of Toledo Spielbusch Avenue


Gay pride event was big success

Thank you for your coverage of the Toledo Gay Pride festival and parade (“4th annual gay pride parade draws thousands downtown; Proudly showing their colors,” Aug. 25). The event was a huge success. It attracted an estimated 15,000 gays and lesbians and our allies in support of unity and acceptance of the local lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community.

The Toledo gay community has come a long way. I’m proud to be part of our growth toward a blended society without hate, fear, and shame in being gay.

Next year, it would be nice to see coverage before the festival, to help bring awareness to the event.


Lewis Avenue


Dowd revisits Clintons’ greed

Maureen Dowd’s Aug. 20 op-ed column, “The quest for money at the root of Clintons’ personal, political ambitions,” gives a stunning review of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s greed and sleaze.

I was not a fan of the former president after he de-industrialized the Midwest with his North American Free Trade Agreement.


Ottawa Lake, Mich.