Middle class, not rich, needs help


The Sept. 1 op-ed columns by Ohio Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor and Dale Butland of Innovation Ohio express usual positions (“Economic growth is best way for state to aid Ohio communities,” “State budget is gold mine for rich, shaft for all others.”)

Republicans such as Ms. Taylor invariably come across as advocating helping the rich. Progressives such as Mr. Butland come across as advocating helping the middle class and the needy.

The rich don’t need help, so there was no reason to cut state income taxes. Sales taxes should not have been increased, because the middle class and the needy need help.

Where Ms. Taylor avoids what the budget means for the middle class and the needy, Mr. Butland specifically shows how the so-called economic growth hurts them.

An economy is not growing if it largely helps only the rich. If workers were paid a living wage, the economy would grow. More people would have more money to spend.

Bowling Green

Race forum can’t divide races
Responsibility in race relations has to apply to all involved (“Forums intend to spark discussion; Anti-racist author to speak Sept. 12,” Sept. 1). You cannot blame one side without understanding that another side may not accept responsibility.

I as a white person cannot be held responsible for evils committed many years ago by other Caucasians. The Blade needs to take a lead in bringing races together, instead of dwelling on evils committed long ago.

Your articles about race portray blacks as victims of racism, which has led to their failure. All in America have an equal opportunity to prosper, and many have.

You encourage whites to be discouraged and blacks to believe no progress has been made. Actually, much unity has been gained between the races. Focus on that.



Make old plant Jeep museum
Your article about the dedication of the smokestack at the old Jeep plant reminded me of the classic car shows held on Father’s Day at the old plant (“Leaders celebrate past, future of old Jeep plant; Overland smokestack dedicated to workers,” Aug. 29).

An old building there held many Jeep artifacts and vehicles. Whatever happened to those items?

Why not turn the former Toledo Edison steam plant downtown into a Jeep museum? Toledo is the home of Jeep, and Jeep deserves its own museum. It would be a great tourist attraction.

Colima Drive


Dems blindly follow Obama
A recent letter writer concluded: “If President Obama said that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, the GOP would find fault” (“House GOP too contrary to Obama,” Readers’ Forum, Aug. 16).

More likely, Republicans would wonder what the President was up to, because he spoke the truth for a change.

But if Mr. Obama said the sun rises in the west and sets in the east, most Democrats would agree with him, or think he restructured the universe with his divine power.