Perrysburg plan a waste of money


Perrysburg Mayor Nelson Evans and a majority of the City Council seem to know what to do with residents’ money: spend it on a riverfront project, even though there is no clear support for this (“Study of 1st phase of riverfront plan OK’d; Multiuse path to lead off $26M project,” Aug. 21).

This project will disrupt neighborhoods for months or years. Continuing maintenance will in the long run cost millions of dollars more.

Never mind that Perrysburg has one of the greatest tax burdens in the area. And never mind that this plan in no way will help preserve police, fire, or other public services, or the jobs that go with them. The money spent on the riverfront project might take away money from those services.




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‘Right-to-work’ proposal has merit

All the Ohioans for Workplace Freedom amendment asks is to give back to the worker the right to choose whether to join a union (“Lucas County commissioners oppose vote on ‘right-to-work,’ ” Aug. 28).

By no means will workplace freedom restrict union membership or take money from a worker’s paycheck. Workplace freedom will make unions more responsive to labor’s needs.

Those who favor freedom should read Ohio’s proposed “right-to-work” constitutional amendment.


Central Grove Avenue


‘Pro-life’ shouldn’t stop at birth

Religious groups have aligned themselves with Republican politicians who in several states, such as Ohio, have had success in closing many women’s health clinics that provide abortions (“Ohio abortion bill could be strictest in U.S.; ‘Heartbeat’ plan might impose ban at 6 weeks,” Aug. 16).

These people call themselves pro-life. The problem with being pro-life today is that pro-life stops with birth.

Republicans are working to end food stamp subsidies that feed babies, refuse to expand Medicaid that takes care of babies, and refuse to expand early education and day care services that would educate babies, while freeing their parents to earn a living.

Most abortions are economically driven. Perhaps we should put our prayers and efforts toward ending poverty. That would make many abortions unnecessary.




Love in a large family defended

The writer of the Aug. 28 Readers’ Forum letter “Duggars not suited to talk of abortion” appears to be unknowledgeable about the work and love involved in rearing a large family.

I am one of 13 children. Our parents sacrificed to feed, clothe, and educate us. They always voted for taxes for public schools.

The writer apparently hasn’t felt the joy of living in a three-generation home where music and laughter existed, or doesn’t know what it is to add water to soup and ketchup, and always to have room for an unexpected guest.