Obamas also should take a hike


Nicholas Kristof’s column about one of our country’s most valuable assets, its many national parks, was excellent (“To save America’s parks, Congress should take a hike,” op-ed column, Sept. 7). His suggestion that all members of Congress take a sabbatical and backpack the Pacific Crest Trail is a wonderful idea.

I would only add that he should have included President Obama and his family. If they cut their use of Air Force One and other government aircraft for their many so-called diplomatic trips, and others of questionable value to the country, by half, many millions of dollars would be available for maintaining our national park trails.

These trails did not deteriorate because of the sequester, which is barely six months along. The deterioration, as Mr. Kristof states, took several years.

Ottawa Hills

Tuition break for illegals is wrong
In reading your Aug. 15 story “Tuition lowered for some illegal immigrants,” I got sick. What part of “illegal” doesn’t the government understand? Then I saw on television University of Toledo President Lloyd Jacobs’ liberally biased diatribe about why UT will support this effort.

The only person making any sense on this issue is state Rep. Matt Lynch, who estimates that this lunacy will cost Ohio taxpayers about $150 million a year. He wants the General Assembly to overturn this decision.

Bleeding-heart liberals are trying to take care of these illegal immigrants. When will they give a break to the hard-working, taxpaying American citizen?



Best 2 candidates won mayoral vote
My congratulations to the voters of Toledo for choosing the two best candidates for mayor of the city (“In a surprise, Collins joins Bell as winner; Pair advance to Nov. election to see who will lead city next,” Sept. 11).

The best man for the long-term success of Toledo is Mayor Mike Bell. The time he has taken to develop relationships in China and Europe can be expected to pay dividends in the next few years in the form of increased job and investment opportunities.

Toledo’s residents, as well as those in the surrounding area, will be well served if Mayor Bell serves four more years.



City needs leader with youth, vigor
Toledo needs young, energetic people to run the city. Instead, voters put a man who should retire, D. Michael Collins, and a closet Republican, Mayor Bell, on the ballot.

I will not be voting in November.

Leybourn Avenue