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Gun-lobby base truly law-abiding

Columnist E.J. Dionne, Jr., noted that the “gun lobby has a large base,” which is correct (“The Colorado recall’s morality lesson on guns,” op-ed column, Sept. 17). He doesn’t mention that this large base is composed of law-abiding citizens who are not extremists.

We live in this country because of our freedoms, not because we want our government to take care of us. Citizens also support the Second Amendment Foundation, Gun Owners of America, and other pro-freedom groups.

The Pew Research Center report that Mr. Dionne cited also states that support for gun control has significantly declined since 2004, which he did not mention.

The gun-control advocates are primarily one-percenters, such as Michael Bloomberg. He learned he cannot always buy voters so that the politicians he backs can disarm citizens.


Colo. lawmakers’ recall a sad sign
The recall of two Colorado lawmakers for their support of minimal, common-sense gun control is an example of how rabid the gun culture has become.

Armed insurrection, anarchy, and secessionist language are all too frequent among gun proponents who portray themselves as rational, peaceful citizens.

If guns are so important to their lives, then they need to do some soul-searching about how their policies contribute to the senseless slaughter of innocent people, and what they intend to do to stop it.

Sabra Road


Home violence needs attention
If we want to address domestic violence, we must first address how children are raised (“Remember Wendabi,” editorial, Sept. 10).

A little girl who grows up in a family that loves and respects her will most likely choose a spouse who does the same.

If a little girl grows up in a household of abuse, she will go looking for the love that she missed in her childhood. She’ll also be prone to pick people who mimic the lifestyle she’s accustomed to.

Women can be abusers too. Men sometimes are victims.

To put a lid on domestic violence, we’ll have to address where society has gone wrong.

Grand Rapids, Ohio


DNA verification needs to be faster
Your Aug. 30 article “Bin Laden raid guided from space by satellites” said that eight hours after the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, a forensic intelligence laboratory run by the Defense Intelligence Agency in Afghanistan had analyzed DNA from his corpse and “provided a conclusive match” confirming his identity.

So why does it take six weeks or more for rape kits to be tested and the information to be entered into Ohio’s sex-offender data base?

Manchester Boulevard

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