Letters to the Editor

Now is the time to expand Medicaid


Expanding Medicaid coverage through the Affordable Care Act will reduce the cost of health care for all Ohioans, while improving access to care and the overall health of our communities (“Taking control,” editorial, Sept. 27).

The current system relies on safety-net services to treat the uninsured when they get sick. That results in overuse of expensive emergency and inpatient care.

Locally, Medicaid expansion will provide access to high-quality primary care and wellness visits for about 18,000 Lucas County residents. This change will allow medical assessment, prevention, and intervention to occur before or near the onset of illness, in a low-cost primary care setting.

The results will be decreased emergency room and hospitalization costs, and improved treatment outcomes.

Without Medicaid expansion, Ohio will have more uninsured people. Privately insured families and employers will continue subsidizing that cost through increases in their insurance rates. The cost of doing nothing is not sustainable.

Through the incentives in the Affordable Care Act, Ohio can cover its uninsured, freeze or reduce rates for those who have insurance, and improve care and treatment outcomes. This would be paid for over seven years through federal aid and taxes that Ohioans will pay whether the expansion is agreed to or not.

If the Ohio General Assembly refuses to accept Medicaid expansion, we will forfeit millions of tax dollars contributed by Ohio residents that will be given to other states that vote to participate. Why would we choose to do that?

We appreciate all the hard work and leadership state Rep. Barbara Sears (R., Monclova Township), Gov. John Kasich, and other lawmakers have put into the effort to find the proper solution to the topic of Medicaid expansion for Ohio.


Chief Executive Officer Harbor Corp.Secor Road


Chief Executive Officer Zepf CenterCentral Avenue


Chief Operating Officer Unison Behavioral Health Group


Chief Clinical Officer Unison Behavioral Health Group Starr Avenue