Tea Party must listen to public


The American people have spoken loudly and clearly on Obamacare, but Tea Party Republicans refuse to listen and their more-moderate colleagues are afraid to break ranks (“The Tea Party’s last stand,” op-ed column, Oct. 8).

Congress voted for the Affordable Care Act. President Obama signed this law. The Supreme Court upheld it. The President ran for re-election on this law and won.

His opponent, Mitt Romney, said he would repeal it, and he lost by almost 5 million votes. On the day the health-insurance exchanges opened, there was so much demand that Web sites experienced technical difficulties.

Lawmakers who cannot accept the reality of the democratic process need to get out of the way, so reasonable people can get back to working on solving the real problems we face.


Homerdale Avenue

Where is the NSA when you need it?

I’ve tried a number of times, to no avail, to get on the Affordable Care Act Web site. Whoever is in charge of that site could have saved a lot of money, time, and aggravation by contracting with the National Security Agency to handle the information-gathering process.

Just send an email to yourself with your name, address, Social Security number, and how much you want to spend on a health-care premium. After the NSA reads your email and captures that information, it can sign you up for a plan you can afford.

Springfield Township

Reid wields law as a weapon
First, an incompetent U.S. Supreme Court ignored its responsibility to judge the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. Then President Obama erased part of that law to exempt his office and Congress, while the rest of us are held hostage to it.

Now Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wants to use Obamacare as a weapon to degrade his chief nemesis, the Tea Party — which understands that Obamacare is not about health care, it’s about control.

Drummond Road


Give Obamacare at least a trial run
We all want the best for our country. The Affordable Care Act is law. It will need adjustments. In the long run, it will do the most good for most people.

If it turns out to be a bad law, it can be repealed.

Sandra Drive


Elected candidates should be apolitical
The only time a person should be aware of a candidate’s political affiliation is during an election. Once the election is over, there should only be people working for the United States.

Political parties should not work against each other to sink our country.

Middleton Township