Tea Party, Latta lauded for stand


I applaud U.S. Rep. Bob Latta (R., Bowling Green) and other Tea Party conservatives for standing by their principles (“Jordan and Latta votes raise questions; Shutdown crisis, future leave residents uneasy,” Oct. 20).

President Obama and Democratic members of Congress convey doomsday scenarios if they do not get their way.

If Obamacare is fully implemented, our economy will face a real doomsday from which we may never recover.

Glendale Avenue

Latta, Jordan deserve a break
I read letters to the editor complaining about Reps. Latta and Jim Jordan (R., Urbana) and trashing the Tea Party for trying to prevent the county from becoming a fiscal basket case. The government shutdown and debt limit fight was caused by President Obama, who repeatedly said he would not negotiate.

President Obama seems to have forgotten that Congress holds the purse strings. The Democrats lost the House in a repudiation of Obamacare in 2010.

The administration has had three years to create the health exchange Web site, which has turned into a bad joke. I can’t wait to see this group of experts run the day-to-day operation of this health-care train wreck.

Monclova Township


Gerrymandering could’ve ended
There have been numerous letters complaining about gerrymandering. Last year, Ohioans had a chance to vote for a nonpartisan panel that would take over the task of setting up fair districts, with less politics.

This measure was defeated by interests that didn’t want anyone but politicians making decisions about who would represent districts in Ohio. Why should we expect anything than what we got?

Ohioans have no one to blame but themselves. Next time, people should consider what is being voted on and what is said in political ads. Then they should vote their informed conscience.

Sylvania Township


Latta, Tea Party did right thing
I appreciate Rep. Latta and the Tea Party fighting to try to save us from Obama-care.

A year from now, when we are under the yoke of this monstrosity of a health-care program, we will appreciate what Mr. Latta and the Tea Party did.

If Obamacare was so good, why don’t President Obama and congressional Democrats want any part of it for them and their staffs?

Scottwood Avenue