Ex-official to vote no on tax plan


As a retired supervisor with the Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities, I am voting no on Issue 2 (“Yes on Issue 2,” editorial, Oct. 12). I have watched the board reduce services to people with developmental disabilities who do not qualify for Medicaid.

The board has reduced services from five to two days a week unless the person who is not on Medicaid pays privately. If a person qualifies for Medicaid, the board will allow him or her to get services five days a week.

The rationale is related to money. The board has increased some administrative salaries by 4 percent over the past five years, while reducing services to people with developmental disabilities.

Lucas County voters should vote no on Issue 2.


Berdan Avenue


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County GOPmuddies judge race

As a young attorney, I’m disappointed that Toledo Municipal Court Judge Josh Lanzinger would not reject the negative campaigning on his behalf by the Lucas County Republican Party (“2 judicial hopefuls on defensive; 15-year-old misdemeanor, unpaid city loan surface in campaign,” Oct. 30).

A Toledo Bar Association poll gave Democrat Gretchen DeBacker higher ratings than any other candidate for judge of Toledo Municipal Court. She’ll be honest, fair, and just. I hope voters see through this last-minute mudslinging and make the right choice.


Sabra Road


TPS levy renewal would aid kids

I am a second-grade teacher at Toledo Public Schools’ Navarre Elementary. I cannot describe how demanding my job can be: testing, state standards, core curriculum, and students who are dealing with unbearable home environments.

I acknowledge the many staff members — nurses, lunchroom workers, counselors, administrators, and others — who also care for these students. We work hard to ensure that all of our students get the best possible education in a kind and supportive environment. We are a safe place for children who need one.

TPS is asking for a levy renewal. A yes vote would give these children an opportunity for success.




Durant brings pride to TPS

Romules Durant represents what being “TPS proud” means (“Data show TPS slowing decline in enrollment; Switch to K-8 buildings, new superintendent given credit,” Oct. 15).

The new Toledo Public Schools interim superintendent is doing his part to help transform the district. He works 16-hour days and participates in many community events.

He will need the community’s support not only to help pass the property tax renewal, but also to increase involvement by parents.

I am a proud TPS parent and employee. I am a campus protection officer at Start High School. Kudos to Mr. Durant in his efforts to work toward earning the district an excellent rating.


Nela Parkway