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Latta, Jordan vote was responsible

U.S. Reps. Bob Latta (R., Bowling Green) and Jim Jordan (R., Urbana) are among the few lawmakers left in Congress who understand what deficits and the national debt are going to do to our children someday (“Jordan and Latta votes raise questions; Shutdown crisis, future leave residents uneasy,” Oct. 20).

Some people have complained about Reps. Latta and Jordan. Those people should stop acting like children.

Frustrated Democrats want more entitlements, abortions, food stamps, disability abuses, bloated federal employee budgets, and every other rejection of responsibility and accountability that the federal government pumps out through the liberal mainstream media.




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Compromise an economic way out

Supporters of the vote by Mr. Latta ignore the potential damage to the economy from failure to increase the debt limit and pay our debts.

Reducing spending isn’t the only way to reduce debt. During President Bill Clinton’s era, a booming economy and higher taxes allowed the national debt to be paid down. There was talk of damage to the credit market because of reduced government borrowing.

Along came President George W. Bush. He unnecessarily reduced taxes and started two wars. The dot-com bubble burst and the economy went south.

Next came President Obama and the housing bubble. Now we have the House versus the President and the Senate, fiddling while the economy burns. Business won’t take chances while this dysfunction exists.

The solution? Compromise — a dirty word among our current elected officials.

The alternate solution? Throw the bums out.




Kaptur-for-Latta switch a bad one

We who live in Ohio’s 5th District got a booby prize when, because of gerrymandering, we had to give up a gem in U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D., Toledo) for a lump of coal, Mr. Latta.

Miss Kaptur was responsive to our complaints. Mr. Latta may hear from us, but his ears are open only to his Republican Party’s wishes.

Will voters in 2014 be any wiser? I hope so.


Mockingbird Lane


Kaptur growing out of touch

While our country deals with issues such as Syria, Egypt, the government shutdown, and the National Security Agency, I wonder: Where’s Marcy Kaptur?

Does the Democratic representative of Ohio’s 9th Congressional District ever come back to the district? When was the last time she did a local interview?

Don’t expect to find any information in her press releases, because they’re filled with fluff. Her Facebook and Twitter pages are of no value either.

Miss Kaptur has been out of sight and out of touch. Her district deserves more than absentee representation.


Goddard Road

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