Chief Diggs deserves to keep job


I hope that Toledo Mayor-elect D. Michael Collins considers retaining Police Chief Derrick Diggs (“Top cop,” editorial, Nov. 15).

There is no substitute for experience. Chief Diggs has skillfully guided the police force during a time of tight budgets and low manpower. I am not sure what the issues are between Mayor-elect Collins and Chief Diggs, but I am sure they can be worked out.

Barrows Street

Congress fiasco hurts local voting
Blade Editor David Kushma asked in his Nov. 10 op-ed column, "They gave an election and almost no one came," why so few Toledo and Lucas County voters took part in this month’s election. The fiasco that is our current Congress is having a trickle-down effect on local politics.

Why bother to vote locally, when our country is being led over a cliff by self-serving, party-serving individuals who put the nation’s needs near the bottom of their priority list?



Voting important to serve on a jury
Voting is an important civic responsibility, because if you are not a registered voter, in some places you cannot serve as a juror.

I am a lawyer who is grateful to jurors who serve or potentially serve. People should register to vote, cast their ballots, and participate in jury service. And if you already accept your civic responsibility, thank you.



Bell arrogant? No, personable
I was appalled by Blade columnist Keith C. Burris’ reference to Mayor Mike Bell’s “arrogance” (“Humility, luck, and neighborhoods,” commentary, Nov. 6). Mr. Bell is one of the most personable people you could ever meet.

For as much time as Mr. Burris spent with Mr. Bell during the campaign, you would think he would have at least realized that obvious fact. This seems a clear case of piling on.

La Salle, Mich.


Articles didn’t spur turnout
When will we get a break from Mr. Burris’ near daily columns about Toledo’s mayoral election? With a turnout of only 25 percent of registered voters, it should be apparent that his columns did nothing to enhance turnout. The race was not much of a hot topic.

We have a few more years until the next mayoral race. The Blade can now focus on news of interest.

Springfield Township