Old Newsboys’ paper sale to help needy


Since 1929, the Old Newsboys Goodfellow Association has helped families in Toledo and surrounding areas that need shoes, coats, food, and emergency clothing. One day a year, the group goes to the community to ask for support of these efforts.

On Friday, people will be outside malls and stores, and in factories, with red jugs. They will ask you to buy a special once-a-year newspaper for the 84th annual paper sale.

This support for the Old Newsboys is critical to meet the needs of the community. Every dollar that Old Newsboys raises is used to provide clothing, food, or medical care. We have never failed to answer a call for help from a school administrator, police officer, firefighter, or neighbor.

The one-day collections, although generous, are not enough to meet growing demand. In the past year, the Old Newsboys has provided more than $170,000 worth of coats, shoes, and emergency clothing, as well as more than $10,000 in emergency food. Old Newsboys provided services to 165 schools in the area.

For the first time this year, people may donate online at toledonewsboys.org. People can support the growing needs of the area by offering a tax-deductible gift.

On behalf of the Old Newsboys and, more important, the children you are helping, thank you in advance for your generous donation.


Paper Sale Chairman Old Newsboys Goodfellow Association