Funds hard to find for homeless


Your Nov. 23 article “Homeless agency overspends about $100,000” highlights the difficulties of pulling together funding to serve Toledo’s large homeless population. As a community health nurse for many years, I know how difficult it can be to coordinate such a patchwork of funding and service. I try to make young nurses I teach aware of this.

The Toledo community is fortunate to have a volunteer of Paul Tecpanecatl’s stature to chair the Toledo-Lucas County Homelessness Board and navigate these matters. He is an experienced, perceptive, insightful, and thoughtful leader, whose skills in obtaining and managing public funding have long served this community.

Public service is demanding, and without the efforts of such leaders and their personal sacrifice, the com-munity would have far fewer resources available. I commend Mr. Tecpanecatl and others in difficult places of leadership, who act with dignity and resourcefulness in complex situations.




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Return to simpler Christmases

When did Christmas become a competition instead of a celebration? It seems everyone has to have or be the best, biggest, brightest, fanciest. Be the first in the store, catch the best sale, buy the most, give the most. Stores encroach on our day of giving thanks.

Things were simpler and more joyous before we got caught up in the frenzy. I don’t shop on Black Friday or other big promotional days.

My favorite memory of Christmas didn’t cost a dime. It was coming out of church on Christmas Eve, enjoying the silence of gently falling snow, and looking up to see nature’s show of twinkling stars.

My family didn’t have a lot of material possessions, but we had warm clothes, food, and a home with loving parents. What wealth, to be loved and loving.


Ottawa Lake, Mich.


Cheap water will disappear

Local groups are working hard to improve the quality of our lake and river waters. I am surprised that so many people are unaware of the consequences of water degradation.

There are three kinds of water: free, cheap, and costly. Free water is gone. We are on cheap water now.

When municipal plants have to upgrade, we will be on costly water. Are you ready for the day your water bill will equal your car payment?


Port Clinton


Support city ban on puppy mills

Puppy mills should be outlawed (“City delays votes on position’s pay, cat and dog sales,” Nov. 27).

Many years ago, our family acquired a miniature poodle that we later found out came from a puppy mill. Visiting the puppy mill, we saw the mother in a very small cage.

The mother could not fully stand up. No wonder it was fierce-acting, as our dog also became, and we had to put her down.


West Country Club Parkway