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Letters to the Editor


Time to end death penalty

The op-ed column by Jeff Gerritt, The Blade’s deputy editorial page editor, about the death penalty was well done (“Ohio should kill capital punishment,” Nov. 17). I used to be an advocate of the death penalty. I am a retired teacher who taught a crime unit in a sociology class. Every semester, we debated the death penalty.

Because so few students argued against capital punishment, I would help them by using points from previous classes. After a few semesters, I found myself believing the arguments of the anti-death penalty side.

My students brought up all the points Mr. Gerritt mentioned in his column, including research about those with diminished capacities. I had not known that some people, although a small percentage, have a neurological “short circuit” that compels them to kill.

I hope people eventually can move away from their emotionally entrenched pro-death penalty view.

Semoff Drive 

Gun control would stop deaths
I agree with Jeff Gerritt’s Dec. 1 op-ed column, “We’re locked and loaded with fear.” The language of people who support gun rights is that of the addict supporting his or her addiction.

Gun control is the only thing that will stop the slaughter of Americans.

Bowling Green


Delayed green light a life-saver
In response to the Nov. 22 Readers’ Forum letters about red-light cameras and traffic lights: When a traffic light in one direction turns red, the lights for the other directions should have a four-second delay before they turn green.

That should solve most accidents that are caused by a motorist trying to get through a yellow light or running a red light.

Four seconds will not make a motorist late, and it may save his or her life or that of someone else.

When red-light cameras catch speeders, those who speed will have to learn the costly way. A motorist who does not speed won’t get a ticket.

Talmadge Road


Standards a must for lights, cameras
Statewide standards for traffic lights are necessary.

As to the problem of not enough time for more than a few vehicles to turn before a traffic light turns yellow, then red, the General Assembly should take the timing of traffic lights out of local hands, and mandate minimum times for green and yellow lights at camera-enforced intersections.

Manchester Boulevard

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