Pentagon’s waste issue is serious


Your Dec. 1 article “Ice cream man takes aim at Pentagon waste” should be taken seriously by Congress and the public. Lawmakers should conclude that the human needs of our communities are to come first over a Cold War mentality.

A broken Pentagon procurement system and an F-35 that has escalating overruns would not be acceptable to any business person.

The article spells out in detail the operation of the military-industrial complex, which President Dwight Eisenhower warned about in his 1961 farewell speech.


Liberty Center, Ohio


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Trains a cure for weather woes

When are Americans going to have enough of traffic delays, multicar accidents, and flight delays and cancellations because of bad weather (“Winter storm blankets much of U.S., extends chill eastward,” Dec. 10)? These occur more frequently in the winter months, but affect the costs of travel year-round.

We have a better option that is more environmentally friendly and less costly: high-speed rail. Although these trains would be unable to go full speed through snowdrifts, it would be much better than sleeping in an airport, getting stuck on a closed highway, or getting in a vehicular accident.

As long as the public accepts delays, cancellations, accidents, and traffic deaths, we will not take the necessary steps to bring our transportation system up to the levels enjoyed by most other industrialized countries.

People need to speak up for building a high-speed rail system.


Chairman, Northwest Ohio Passenger Rail Association Sylvania


Don’t run down solar industry

In The Blade’s search for an expose, the latest article in your “Deals Gone Bad” series was a mistake (“Solar firms prove costly investments; Tens of millions wasted on fledgling industry,” Dec. 1).

Solar energy is important. It is working. It may be in its infancy and it may be a little costly right now, but what is the alternative? Fossil fuels are destroying the environment.

You didn’t mention the success of some solar projects. A failure of one company could be from poor management or other causes. Solar energy works and is here to stay.


Goddard Road


‘Outreach’ staff used to be parents

Joe Nocera said in his Nov. 14 op-ed column, “Unlearning gun violence,” that we are combating gun violence with federally funded “outreach” staff and “violence interrupters.” In an earlier, more responsible, time, they would have been called parents, and wouldn’t have received taxpayer money for doing their duty.


Monclova Township