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Rand Paul a realist, not an extremist

Your Dec. 13 editorial “Don’t punish the jobless” called Sen. Rand Paul an extremist. I take umbrage at this unfair label.

Senator Paul is a fiscal conservative who understands the need for restraint by a nation that is borrowing money to spend on government programs we can no longer afford.

He understands that unless we trim back this insane spending, no one will have the ability to achieve the American dream. Yet you label this fine man an extremist.

More borrowing and more spending are not the answer to getting our fiscal house in order. Neither is calling a man who understands this basic principle an extremist.




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Obama’s policies add to jobless woe

It is not difficult to understand why the Obama Administration and its supporters want a continuation of federally supported unemployment benefits (“Federal benefits for unemployed set to expire,” Dec. 17).

The President and his minions have been unable over the past five years to revive the economy substantially. Cutting benefits would mean a loss of political support for Mr. Obama and his allies.

Had the Obama Administration dumped its Keynesian economic philosophy, which has done nothing but prolong the recession, and instead had instituted a program that promoted private-sector growth and created real wealth and jobs, we would be out of this economic quagmire.

I wonder whether the President sees the correlation between his economic policies and the need for extension of unemployment benefits. President Obama, though a fine orator, is too much of a doctrinaire socialist to compromise and govern effectively.

Perhaps he would do well to emulate the liberal Bill Clinton and be more pragmatic when need be.


Monclova Township


Some thoughtless in blaming women

It is disgusting that many people feel they have the right to shame a woman who wants to end her pregnancy, making such appalling statements as that she should have thought of pregnancy before she had intercourse (“Get pregnant? Take the consequences,” Readers’ Forum, Nov. 5).

Some men never acknowledge their role in the baby-making process. It’s as if a woman gets pregnant all by herself, because it’s always her fault when she does.


Carey, Ohio


Christians honor spirit year-round

Every year, churches talk about the reason for the season. But some say the origins of the Christmas holiday have pagan roots.

Genuine Christians honor Christ year-round by striving to imitate His appealing qualities and obeying His commands. They show unselfish love for their neighbors by helping others learn about God’s Kingdom, the theme of Christ’s ministry.



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