Immigrant issue calls for debate


Do we really want to rush into another Obamacare-like disaster on immigration (“Immigration drama,” editorial, Nov. 16)?

Obamacare should be a lesson to our elected officials that just because the President wants something, he should not be blindly followed merely because of political affiliation.

Issues of this magnitude need honest and open debate, consideration, and compromise by all of our elected officials.

Walker Avenue

TPS omitted from treasure section
I agree with about 95 percent of what was included in your Dec. 8 “Treasures of Toledo” section, but there was one treasure missing: Toledo Public Schools. Our public school district is making huge strides toward putting students first.

TPS has been giving students more opportunities, such as the new Toledo Technology Academy Junior High. It is securing grants and providing teachers with the training and tools they need to help our kids succeed.

I am a TPS graduate who is proud of this Toledo treasure and the community in which we live.

Beecham Street


Churchill could’ve been natural Yank
Your Nov. 30 editorial “Churchill hailed,” on the installation of a bust of Sir Winston Churchill in the Capitol, was appropriate.

I remember a comment Sir Winston made in his Dec. 26, 1941, address to Congress, which you mention: “I cannot help reflecting that if my father had been American and my mother British, instead of the other way around, I might have got here on my own.”



1940s Christmas in Toledo a joy
In the mid-1940s, Christmas shopping in downtown Toledo was an experience unmatched by anything today’s modern malls offer.

My family always parked behind Tiedtke’s and went up the back stairs into the store. Then it was across the street to LaSalle’s. Along the way, we patronized at least two of the three dime stores on our route.

After the thrill of the hunt at LaSalle’s, we went through the now-lifeless Spitzer Arcade, where we usually purchased items not on our list but offered by vendors there.

Our last stop was at Lamson’s for a late lunch. We rested our tired feet and enjoyed a fashion show — another highlight of our shopping trip.

How I wish there was a time machine that would grant me one last shopping trip to downtown Toledo as it existed in the 1940s.

McComb, Ohio


City pet-friendly; now aid homeless
I am glad to see that Toledo City Council put in so much effort to make the city compassionate for cats and dogs (“Council OKs amended bill to govern pet stores in city; Family Puppy faces softer restrictions,” Dec. 11). It’s too bad the same efforts haven’t been put forth to help the city’s homeless people.