NRA at core of gun inaction


I am English, have lived in Bowling Green for the past 39 years, and have never understood the necessity to possess firearms for protection (“A year after Newtown, deadly status quo too often prevails on guns,” op-ed column, Dec. 15).

It seems that many Americans feel the same way. But somehow, their voices never get to be translated into action on the part of the lawmakers, regardless of party affiliation, who are elected to represent them.

I associate those who insist on gun rights with the Republican Party, but Democrats are not proactive. In fact, I would say that they are pretty pathetic. Why does President Obama not take a stronger role in pushing gun-control legislation forward?

I blame this inaction on the pervasive influence of the National Rifle Association. How many politicians are promised support in future elections in return for not pursuing gun control?


Bowling Green


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NBC makes a poor local showing

The NBC brand is taking a licking, and is not doing well in local ratings (“Ch. 13 benefits from overall November market trend,” Dec. 21).

The local NBC affiliate, WNWO, Channel 24, was sold recently to Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. Sinclair is trying to exact higher fees from Buckeye CableSystem, a local cable company with deep roots in Toledo.

Since Johnny Carson moved his Tonight Show to California years ago, my doctors have sought to improve what they call my sleep hygiene by suggesting I get to bed regularly at 10 p.m.

My hat’s off to NBC and Sinclair for their help in finally assuring the medics’ success.


Lowe Road


Spitzer’s closing a loss for downtown

I was sad to learn that the historic Spitzer Building closed its doors (“Now-shuttered Spitzer Building marks era’s end; ‘Grand dame; once was hub of Toledo’s legal community,” Dec. 2). This is a huge loss to Toledo.

I am proud of Toledo, but I feel that the Spitzer’s closing is a tragic loss for downtown.


Goddard Road


Raze Spitzer; look to future, not past

Do Toledoans want to step back in time by investing in an old, inefficient, dilapidated structure such as the Spitzer Building (“Saving Spitzer,” editorial, Dec. 5)? People should salvage what they can and tear it down.

Toledo should look to the future, not the past. People can’t see where they’re going when all they do is look in the rearview mirror.


Grand Rapids, Ohio