Move-over law will aid workers’ safety


I thank the Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission for seeing to it that a state Senate bill that would protect the safety of construction and maintenance workers operating on Ohio roadways was expanded to include turnpike workers (“New law seeks to keep road employees safe; Fatal Fremont crash in ’12 spurred bill,” Dec. 20). What’s called the “move-over” law means a lot to me and my children.

According to the Ohio Department of Transportation, there have been more than 600 collisions between drivers and state vehicles and equipment since 2008. My husband, John, who was an Ohio Turnpike assistant foreman, became one of those statistics when he was killed by a tanker truck in his work zone in January, 2012.

John was a safety advocate in everything he did, and always felt a personal responsibility for the safety of his employees. I know he would be pleased that something is being done to protect not only his crew, but also all other employees who work on our highways.

These men and woman deserve the same respect, protection, rights, and benefits given to our police officers and firefighters. Their jobs are just as dangerous and important to the safety of the public.

Thanks to all who were involved in making this bill include the “heroes of our highways.”