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Home visits would cut into privacy

The Holy Grail for progressives who want to exert control is to gain access to your home. The Blade’s Dec. 14 editorial “Help parents, help babies” quotes a local grant program manager as saying that President Obama has made home visits a priority for federal aid.

Why are such home visits necessary? We have schools, libraries, and numerous other meeting places where parents can go for counseling.

How long will it be before social workers who make home visits look for guns, gun cabinets, drug residue or paraphernalia, libertarian books or pamphlets, Tea Party flyers, prescription drugs that could be an indicator of psychosis, or anything else that may put you in opposition with their agenda?

How soon would that information be in a data bank? Is this vision of the country what Americans want?


Drummond Road


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Obamacare threat already reality

The closing sentence of your Dec. 24 guest editorial, “Meddling with Obamacare,” made me laugh: “The threat is that in seeing to the concerns of those who might have to pay more in 2014 or future years, or another group that feels put upon, politicians will add so many exceptions that the law is seriously undermined.”

Only someone from inside the Capital Beltway could fail to know that Obamacare is already totally undermined by the President’s innumerable exemptions, delays, and modifications.




Buckeye must put customers first

As a customer of Buckeye CableSystem, I am at the end of my patience with its antics. Every so often, there is a rate increase on my bill. The channel on which I watched the Detroit NBC affiliate — WDIV, Channel 4 — has switched to QVC. That prevents me from enjoying NBC programming such as Saturday Night Live on a station that I am paying for.

Buckeye should stop wasting money on full-page newspaper ads that blast the new owners of WNWO, Channel 24, and start taking care of its loyal customers instead of hiking its rates.


Ryewyck Drive


WNWO should be grateful for cable

I don’t understand the WNWO issue. TV stations broadcast free programming to anyone with an antenna. They get paid by selling advertising.

Along comes a cable company that offers to be the antenna for consumers. That adds more viewers who will see the station’s advertising and generate more ad revenue.

TV stations should be thankful for the increased exposure.


Calyx Lane

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