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GOP gives short shrift to the poor

In response to your Jan. 1 article “Retirement appears elusive for many in U.S.”: I wonder why the Republican Party is still viable. I have yet to hear a Republican economist make a convincing case for lower wages and benefits being good for the economy.

Republicans are preserving the “American dream” for the elite few in society — those who can contribute greatly to their campaign war chests. Meanwhile, those who have no voice in Congress are relegated to the GOP’s “work until you die” philosophy.

The GOP meme that it is poor people’s fault that they are in dead-end jobs suggests that Republicans must believe there is an infinite supply of good-paying jobs with benefits. Maybe Republicans should free themselves from the arms of Morpheus, the god of dreams.




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Japan, S. Korea should pay us

Japan’s dispute with China and South Korea’s claim over islands and the airspace above them in the East China Sea have put our country in a perilous position (“South Korea to expand its air patrol zone; Beijing, Tokyo also claim area above submerged reef,” Dec. 9).

For the past 68 years, our military has provided the main defense of Japan. For the past 63 years, our Armed Forces have been the main deterrent to military action against South Korea. This is ridiculous.

Japan and South Korea have healthy economies. We have provided their military protection for more than six decades. We could not afford it then, and we certainly cannot afford it now.

The tax dollars that are spent on protecting Japan and South Korea should be used to improve our roads and cities, assist our poor and hungry, and reduce our national debt.

If our nation is to be the world’s hired gun, then those nations should pay the United States.




Drawing a parallel with column

I enjoyed Dennis Bova’s Dec. 31 op-ed column about his mother (“On becoming an orphan, and saying good-bye to others in 2013”). His story parallels mine.

My father died, then my mother stepped up to be more independent than we ever expected, learning about cars and tools and taxes.

Three weeks after she died, my brother was married. That wedding was bittersweet, because she wasn’t there. But as Mr. Bova wrote, somberness was replaced by a joyful celebration.


Claudia Drive


Column spurs fond memories

Dennis Bova’s column was beautiful. It brought a tear to my eye as I reflected on the life of my grandmother, who also passed in 2013. She was a special lady, as was his mother.


North Kenninson Drive

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