Snyder doing fine despite critiques


Your Dec. 31 editorial “Shame, Gov. Snyder” castigated the Michigan governor for his position on campaign finance. Are you worried that our Republican governor may equal Democrats’ donations from trial lawyers, teachers’ unions, and other liberal groups?

I have been pleasantly surprised with Gov. Rick Snyder. He supports building a bridge between Detroit and Windsor, Ont., that will create many new jobs for Michigan.

He has lowered the state sales tax on automobiles. He has made adjustments to sky-high, no-fault auto insurance in Michigan that will lower premiums. He has worked to pull Detroit out of a financial mess caused by years of control by Democratic administrations.

Mr. Snyder is off to a good start toward re-election. But I realize he will not have The Blade’s support. That likely will go to his liberal Democratic challenger.


Temperance, Mich.

Editor’s note: The Blade endorsed Mr. Snyder’s candidacy in 2010.


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Work with, don’t rip, Treece family

Dock Treece’s family deserves credit, not criticism, for aggressive, opportunistic business acumen and profit seeking in its plan to run Toledo Express Airport (“Treeces out for publicity,” Readers’ Forum, Jan. 2).

Rather than welcoming the ingenuity of these people to offer a plan to repair and improve an important but failing component of the northwest Ohio infrastructure, people have chosen professional denigration and personal attacks to defend their sacrosanct organizational territory.

Ideally, the Treeces should be rewarded with outreach and cooperation in investigating the business model to determine whether their ideas have merit.

Anything less is a disservice to the creativity, courage, and performance credentials of all area private businessmen.


Cloister Road