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Praise of boutique hotels wrong

When I was reading op-ed columnist David Brooks’ paean to boutique hotels, I had a hard time deciding whether he was being ironic or doing product placement (“Boutique hotels provide a flattering mirror of economy,” Jan. 13). The emblematic accommodation of our time is the homeless shelter, not niche lodging.

Mr. Brooks distills the lack of compassion for others that is exhibited by so many of our ruling elite. This lack of compassion has helped create and perpetuate poverty and homelessness.

There is no place in Mr. Brooks’ hierarchy of needs for caring about others. He is an exemplar of the “me” generation.


Sylvania Township


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Small businesses getting slammed

When will taxation of Ohio businesses stop? According to a form I received from my accountant, Ohio is a credit reduction state. Because Ohio borrowed from the federal unemployment fund and did not pay the money back, all Ohio businesses have to pay an additional federal unemployment tax of nine-tenths of a percent.

For my small restaurant, on top of what I have already paid into the state and federal unemployment systems, I now have to give the federal government an additional $1,300.

I have been in business for 37 years and I doubt I have used this fund twice. Government puts its big thumb on small businesses and tries to squash us. Maybe we need to clean house in Washington.


Grand Rapids, Ohio


Drop the refund, return WNWO

Instead of refunding customers 24 cents a month, I would like Buckeye CableSystem to bring WNWO, Channel 24, back and charge $2.40 extra each month (“Buckeye offers viewers credit; Cable company, broadcast firm continue talks over Channel 24,” Jan. 16).

On a basic cable bill of $92.94 each month, $2.40 is no big deal for my husband and me to watch our favorite national news, our favorite series, and the Winter Olympics.

The free antenna Buckeye provided does not work in our area. We don’t want to leave Buckeye. But if NBC isn’t back on cable soon, we will be going with a satellite dish.


Sylvania Township


Buckeye discount is a bad joke

When Buckeye took WNWO off cable, I called to ask how this would affect my bill. I was told I would get a $1 credit each month while WNWO was off cable.

Now, customers are told that Buckeye is authorizing a per-customer credit of 12 cents for the second half of December and 24 cents for January and each month until further notice.

The 24-cent discount is a bad joke. The real problem is that Buckeye has a monopoly on the cable business in Toledo, so we don’t have a choice of going to another company. Why not?


Parkwood Avenue

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