Column fails to calculate Medicaid


Op-ed columnist Paul Krugman attacked the Republican-controlled states that are rejecting the expansion of Medicaid, “thereby denying health coverage to almost 5 million low-income Americans” (“The GOP’s reverse Robin-Hoodism runs deep,” Jan. 20).

In a classic example of progressive economic confusion, Mr. Krugman said that the expansion “would cost almost nothing; nearly all the costs of Medicaid expansion would be paid by Washington.”

Nowhere did Mr. Krugman acknowledge that Washington will either use our money or China’s to pay for this expansion. There’s no such thing as free money.

Nor did Mr. Krugman explain Republicans’ reasoning behind their opposition: that the aid is planned for only the first few years, leaving the states stuck with unfunded liabilities ever after.

Mr. Krugman may be a Nobel laureate in economics, but it appears he could stand a refresher course in balanced journalism.


Christie Boulevard


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Too much time devoted to killer

News media have devoted too much time to the execution of Dennis McGuire (“Moratorium sought on death penalty in Ohio; ACLU, others object to drug combination,” Jan. 21). I have no compassion for the man.

I wish media would have devoted as much time describing the last minutes of the woman he raped and murdered. What about the death of her fetus?

The only crime of the state of Ohio was waiting more than 10 years to execute him, and wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars to feed and board him.


South Reynolds Road


Victim’s family should get money

If McGuire’s children win their lawsuit against Ohio, all the money should go to the victim’s family (“Family alleges Ohio execution unconstitutional,” Jan. 26). That would be justice of some kind.


Sylvania Township


McGuire’s ordeal not egregious

In response to your Jan. 19 editorial “Egregious execution”: I have no sympathy for a kidnapper-rapist-killer. McGuire’s 15-minute ordeal was not egregious.


West Central Avenue


Death penalty must be rethought

McGuire committed a horrific act and needed to be punished. However, there are many valid arguments against the death penalty.

I would like to think that the citizens of Ohio are better than a convicted killer. Only God should have the power to take a life.


Hopewell Place